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Buffy’s It-Girl Problem & Intersectional Feminism

Buffy and Faith’s relationship is complicated, to say the least. They have great affection for and understanding of each other, but their bond is marred by jealousy, betrayal, and Faith choosing to channel her pain into destruction. In season 7, Faith captures the crux of it when she says “There's only supposed to be one. Maybe that's why you and I can never get along. We're not supposed to exist together.”

Whenever a woman gains enough power to be on equal footing with Buffy, she is knocked down. As long as they are relegated to sidekick, there’s no problem. But when another character, Willow, becomes too powerful as a witch, it’s portrayed as an addiction that must be controlled. When the ex-demon Anya regains her vengeance demon powers, she must relinquish them to rejoin the group. “There’s only supposed to be one.”

The Man In the High Castle & Our Own Alternative Reality

When the webmistress of this site asked me to do an article about The Man in the High Castle and the current state of politics, I joked that it must be because I'm Jewish! In truth, that's exactly why she asked me to write about it. And while I do watch the show, I hadn't thought of anything to say. It's two seasons in and most of the think pieces on it have been thought. So I said I'd take a pass.

But something was haunting me about the idea; why hadn't the prompt struck a chord with me? And if the show had nothing to say to me about politics then why was it interesting and why was I watching it?